Château Lavergne Dulong

Château Lavergne Dulong

The vineyard

20 hectares surrounded by forests

An ideal situation

Our estate is located on a sandy-clay plateau bordered by forest. It is a jewel of greenery of 20 hectares in one piece, of which 14,5 hectares planted with vines. It's an ideal situation for viticulture and the elaboration of high quality wines.

We cultivate a white variety, Sauvignon Blanc and the traditional red Bordeaux grapes: Cabernets Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

From pruning to tillage, to intercrop sowing of cereals and legumes, everything is done to ensure that plants and soil are balanced and interact in ways that give us the best.

A major vineyard restructuring project is underway, with the aim of replacing low-density planted plots with new, more qualitative plantations.

Into our cellars

A respectful winemaking

We strongly believe that the great wines are made in the vineyard above all. The great care given in the vineyard as well as the benefits of biodynamic allow us to harvest at optimum ripeness healthy grapes (no over-ripeness here!).

Then, every plot is fermented separately, in order to maintain their originality and typicality. Our part will be then to support and control this raw material into his processing while intervening as little as possible.

According to the variety and the final goal, various containers are used, like stainless steel, concrete and wood. Our barrels, precisely, are chosen from great coopers who support us in our respectful approach providing us high standard barrels. Its enable us to gently age the wines, without being omnipresent, because above all, we want to elaborate wines based on fruit, elegance and finesse.

Once the ageing is completed, (11 months for the reds, 6 months for the white), the blending time starts with tasting and blending the different lots, to create our wines.

At the end, the bottled wines will not have seen any input during their process, except for a small amount of sulphite to ensure stability and durability. Real terroir wines!




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