Château Lavergne Dulong

Château Lavergne Dulong


More than a culture, a philosophy.


Biodynamic, production system devised by R. Steiner in 1924, places farming at the center of a balanced ecosystem.

Build on the basics of Organic Farming (prohibition of synthetic chemicals), biodynamic goes further by working with lunar and planetary rhythms and by using various specific preparations like the 500 (Horn Dung) or 501 (Silica of Horn) that will strengthen the plant and "connect" it to heaven and earth.

Herbal teas and decoctions

We also use the interesting properties of common plants by transmitting them to the vine via herbal teas and decoctions. Through these applications (horsetail, buckthorn, comfrey, chamomile, dandelion, oak bark, calendula, willow, nettle, yarrow), we seek to make plants stronger and more balanced so that they can defend themselves against pests and diseases. of the vine.
Treatments based on copper and sulphur are still applied but at even lower doses than those authorized in organic farming.

Native yeasts and low sulphites

In the cellar too, inputs are very limited and regulated. Thus, it is the native yeasts naturally present on our grapes that will carry out the fermentations and not commercial yeasts as often used elsewhere.
Our supply of sulphites are also very low and minimized to ensure a good stability and durability to our wines.


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