Château Lavergne Dulong

Château Lavergne Dulong

The winemaker

Thomas Christen is today in charge of the technical management of the estate, as well as the commercial development.
At his side is Joy Bécard, winegrower, who takes care of all the new plantings to led them to an optimal production

Thomas Christen

A native of Haute-Savoie, I made my weapons in 2001 as a worker at the Dominio de Atauta with Bertrand Sourdais, in Ribeira del Duero in Spain and as a trainee, during my BTS Viti-Oeno at Blanquefort (33), at Cyril Fhal’s Clos du Rouge Gorge in the Catalan coasts. It was Cyril who taught me the basics and gave me the taste for biodynamics. After a vinification in 2005 in Quinta Sardonia with Jerome Bougnaud and Peter Sisseck, I flew to Patagonia Argentina for a stay of 8 years, between 2006 and 2014! I gained experience in biodynamic viticulture and respectful winemaking as a technical director at Bodega Chacra alongside Hans Vinding-Diers, and as a consultant for local projects or winemaker at Bodega Secreto Patagonico. Back in the Bordeaux region in 2014, I definitely settled at Château Lavergne Dulong in 2016, seeing a fabulous setting with great potential.


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